Jeju Island: A nature lover’s paradise 

A world heritage destination. A place where you can be one with nature.

I came across Jeju Island from Korean drama locations. Upon watching it, it was totally unlikely that the views and landscapes were only beautified with the power of technology and so I decided to witness it with my own eyes.

Jeju Island sites weren’t marked as UNESCO world heritage for nothing. For a nature lover like me, this is heaven here on earth. 

1. Sunrise and Sunsets

Chasing sunrise and sunsets? This place will keep you from running!

Golden hours in Jeju Island will not disappoint you. As soon as you open your eyes, a stunning sunrise will greet you. When your day is about to end, it will reward you with an exquisite sunset.

2. Beaches 

Looking for sand in your toes? 

Jeju Island is famous for its beaches. Along with its crystal clear waters, just choose! This place offers you white, black, rocky and fine sand beaches.

3. Hiking and Trekking

Up for long walks or climbing mountains instead? Get your feet ready, you just got lucky!

Jeju Island has walking paths that will lead you to its best destinations. I am calling this island a walk-all-you-can place. It has a famous mountain, the Mt. Halla, there are several hiking trails for beginners to experienced climbers. Some can even take you to a good view of the crater in less than half a day!

4. Cliffs

Wanna take a selfie sitting in an edge of a cliff? You got a location!

Mostly a result of volcanic eruptions, Jeju Island will let you walk along edges of a cliff

5. Water Falls 

Famous tourist destinations in the island includes strikingly expressive water falls. From calm, small water falls to raging ones! 

6. Rock formations 

Wanna go sightseeing? 

Jeju Island has sites like these. You can just take a snapshot or muster up your courage and go near the rocks!

7. Island Hopping

An activity that some wouldn’t miss for the world!

Less than an hour away by boat from Jeju Island, it also offers great waters and picturesque destinations!

Jeju Island provides almost everything for you. These are only few samples of the destinations that you can visit. The island also have interesting museums, Korean folk villages, and tea plantations that are worth exploring.

A place of complete bliss, peace and delight. Truly a nature lover’s paradise! What more can you ask for? 

Here are few more of my snapshots of other destinations in the island:


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